Play. Experiment. Innovate. #Turkey

Play. Experiment. Innovate. #Turkey

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Here you can find frequently asked questions about Brandstorm, from the sign-up process to the submission of the pitch. If you can't find what you are looking for, download the rules or write us on the Discussion wall!



▶ How do I change the country?

It is not possible to simply switch the country, as every country challenge runs individually. Always make sure you're participating for the right country (the country you study in) with the hashtag on the top! You can access the country pages via the Brandstorm main page.
If you already formed a team, you first have to leave the team in the wrong country. Go to your team tab and click "leave team" right under your profile icon. Then go to your country page and click on the blue "Participate" button in the top right and recreate your team.

▶ How can we form a team?

When you logged in and on the front page of your country (check for the hashtag on top), click on the blue "Participate" button on the top right. You then get the option to either open a new team or join an existing team. If you create a new team, you can add your friends with their email address. 

▶ Can I team up with students from different universities?

Yes, you can and we highly encourage you to, because it will help you exchange and work more creatively. However, you all must study in the same country to form a team.

▶ When is the deadline to team up?

You have to form your team until the registration deadline of your country. After that, it is no longer possible to form or modify a team.

▶ How can we remove team members?

You cannot remove team members yourself, they have to actively leave your team. To leave a team, go to the my space area, click on the Team tab and you'll find the option to leave the team under your profile. 

▶ How can we register our mentor?

When signing up here on the platform, you fill out a form where you can enter your mentor's email address. But don't worry, you can also add the mentor at a later stage or change anytime before the submission of the pitch.

▶ Is it mandatory to have a mentor?

No, it is not mandatory, but we recommend you to have one. A mentor will support you on your Brandstorm journey and can add value to your pitch by bringing their expertise to the project.



Where can we find the case?

After registering here on the platform, you will see a tab called "Toolbox". There you will be able to find the full Brandstorm 2018 case and a very useful resource pack.

▶ Where do we have to upload our presentation?

After you teamed up, in the my space area, the first tab "Participation" is the area where you submit your work. Please note that your participation is only filed for submission if you click "Submit your participation" in the bottom right. You can modify your submitted file until the end of the deadline.

▶ What’s the format of the presentation?

The presentation should be saved in PDF format, in widescreen size (16x9). The slides and the presentation will be in English.

▶ Do we have to add a cover slide? Does it count into the 3 slide maximum if we add one?

You do not need a cover slide. We can see all relevant information about your team on the platform, which is why you can start right away with the presentation of your pitch. If you decide to do a cover slide, you have two slides left to present your ideas.

▶ Where can we find the submission deadlines

The deadlines for the submission of the 3-slide-presentation vary from country to country. They will be published on the timeline on the front page of the challenge.